среда, 14 октября 2015 г.

Force.com Fundamentals 30 Questions Quiz to Prepare Salesforce Certification

Salesforce Certifications are widely recognized qualifications that prove to employers or customers that you are a professional in a specific Salesforce area.

Checking you knowledge of platform basics is necessary before diving into preparation to specific certification. I've created a quiz of 30 questions covering this need. Force.com Fundamentals test checks your knowledge of native functionality of the Force.com platform, including designing and creating Force.com objects, modifying the appearance of the standard Force.com interface, the Force.com security scheme, reporting on your data, using workflows and more. This quiz can be useful for Salesforce developers and administrators starting certification process.

Questions are based on Force.com Platform Fundamentials book. Reading this book is highly recommended before starting the quiz.

Good luck!

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